Kay experience in providing Maintenance Test Pilot (MTP), and FCF services support to multiple agencies includes support to:

  • US Army Special Operations Command, Aviation Regimental organizations at GAAF and HAAF
  • US Army National Training Center units at Fort Irwin, CA
  • US Army 5th Aviation Battalion Provisional Units at Ft Polk, LA
  • US Army Golden Knights at Pope Air Force Base, NC

KAI Pilots and flight crew members are subject to all rules and regulations outlined or directed by DCMA 8210-1c and all other applicable DoD publications.

Maintenance Test Pilot Services include but not limited to:

  • Perform detailed preflight inspections, review maintenance forms, historical record and logbooks as required.
  • Perform Maintenance Test Flights, Functional Test Flights and MOCs on assigned aircraft to determine the functionality of airframe, power plant, mission accessories, and other aircraft equipment function in accordance with design specification. Test Flights are conducted in dedicated flight envelopes, to include high gross weight, and Multi-mode Radar flight profiles.
  • Perform testing, including but not limited to, use of ground and in-flight diagnostic test equipment during various phases of flight, including engine run-up and taxi to ensure aircraft systems or components disturbed during an inspection or maintenance action have been repaired, reassembled, or adjusted IAW published specification.
  • Provide in-progress assistance to contractor or government maintenance personnel regarding problems detected during maintenance procedures.
  • Maintain the aircrew-training records for Contractor pilots and crewmembers commensurate with GFR directives
  • Participate in In-progress Readiness (IPR) Briefings for deployment of aircraft and support during deployment. In addition, be prepared to support various missions, self-deployments, aircraft tear down/build-up and test flights, and over-water/shipboard operations as required.