At sea on flight decks, ashore in hangars, and on flight lines around the world, KAI's Aviation Armament resume has, over the years, grown to include storing, build-up, servicing, inspecting and handling a full range of bombs, tactical missiles and gun systems employed by U.S. and select foreign military aircraft around the world.

Specific capabilities and expertise include:

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of aircraft mechanical and electrical armament/ordnance systems;
  • Servicing of aircraft guns and accessories;
  • Stowing, assembly and loading of aviation ammunition including bombs, aerial mines, missiles and rockets;
  • Servicing bombs, missiles and rocket releasing and launching devices;
  • Loading supplementary munitions;
  • Assembly, testing and maintenance of air-launched guided missiles;
  • Supervision and operation of aviation ordnance shops and stowage facilities;