Aircraft maintenance training is a highly practical education with a combination of field experience, classroom-work and mentoring. KAI's expertise in delivering safe and effective instruction in each of these venues spans more than fifty years and encompasses every aspect of aviation and its associated trade's skills. Whether teaching the core fundamentals of aircraft systems, or supervising cockpit procedures in preparation for an actual engine start, KAI has the proven capability to meet your training needs with instructor-led classroom and hands-on classes for all skills and at all maintenance levels.

Past KAI instruction centered programs have included training and technical documentation development, including flight deck and mission equipment suite operation, as well as systems maintenance and repair for the Brazilian Navy as they transitioned to fixed-wing jet, land and carrier based, operations. KAI classroom lessons incorporated tutorials emphasizing physical description, operation, and functional operation. Procedures lessons instructed on inspections, troubleshooting, repair, application and utilization of test and support equipment, and component removal and installation procedures for the A-4 Skyhawk.

Currently, KAI provides OJT to the Kuwait Air Force on the FA-18 aircraft and related weapons array, in addition to Contractor Engineering Technical Services (CETS) to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. CETS services provide on and off-site proficiency training, technical guidance and advice to resolve unusually complex technical problems.