For over 25 years, Kay and Associates technicians have maintained a diverse fleet of vehicles and equipment for NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center (recently named NASA Dryden Flight Research Center) located on Edwards AFB, CA and at the Armstrong Flight Operations Center located in Palmdale, CA.

  • GSA vehicle fleet: >80 sedans, light duty and medium duty pickup trucks, light duty and medium duty vans.
  • NASA owned fleet: >30 heavy duty trucks, motorhomes, and medium duty vans.
  • NASA owned specialty fleet: 8 aircraft fuel trucks (5000-10,000 gal), 23 forklifts (2k-30k), four boom cranes (4k-60k), 10 boom lifts (30'-130'), 15 scissor lifts (20'- 40'), backhoe, tractor, and more than 100 golf carts, >30 aircraft tow vehicles

Kay operates a full service maintenance and repair shop, motor pool, vehicle fuel station, and provides fleet management services. Our expertise helps NASA meet EPACT and Executive Order requirements for reduced use of petroleum fuels and increased use of renewable fuels. Kay prepares the federal FAST report and assists Transportation Officer to order new vehicles and equipment. We work to ensure the fleet is right sized for efficiency and the most effective vehicles are utilized.

Due to the remote location of NASA, Kay and Associates obtained vendor status with GSA allowing Kay to process the WEX card for services rendered to GSA vehicles. This innovative business model eliminates the outdated requirement for a cross service agreement between GSA and NASA while still providing maintenance services onsite.